Aims and Goals of 1001 Documentary Film Festival

With the belief that the audiences of the documentary films have the right to reach the movies without any burdens, this year, like in the past years, to have free admission screenings.

As to our policy there will be no awards. The criteria in evaluating the applying movies:-to have a strong and universal cinema language,-To support the values elevating humanity and the coexistence of different cultures without harming each other, -to add to the people's design of the future,-To present different and deep viewpoints.

To form a window opening to the world cinema and a platform to meet the representatives of documentary filmmakers from different geographies; to give a chance to the examples of new cinema language;

To create a basis for international cooperation, to try to enhance the opportunity for the documentaries created in Turkey to reach the international arena

To make time and qualified environment for the guest filmmakers to share their experiences;

To prepare the infrastructure for the best and problem free screenings of the films within the bounds of possibility.

To help in correcting the perception of the documentary cinema in the media and in the society; to contribute to documentary cinema to become widespread.

To increase the interest and the number of participation of the general audience and documentary filmmakers and students.

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